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How OCG Communications Fiber-Optic Network is Built


1. It all starts with you letting us know that you need an internet connection. By submitting your exact location, CLICK HERE, you help us determinate where we should plan new builds.

2. Once we have sufficient amount of addresses in the area, our engineering team performs an initial study of the area. This study includes looking at the cost and complexity of the build, how many easements are required, what permits need to be obtained from the municipality and for which utility poles we need to apply.

3. Once the study is complete, the engineering process begins, utility poles are applied for, and needs for easements are identified.

4. Our team works with residents in neighborhood to obtain easements.

5. The area is added to our construction schedule.

6. We start accepting pre-orders in the area, and notify residents who have signed-up via email.

7. Permits are obtained from the necessary organizations and utility poles are prepared for fiber.

8. Construction of fiber-optic network begins.

9. In-home installation appointments are scheduled.

10. You can now enjoy ultra-fast internet!


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